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I bought my first camera when I was 10, I took loads of pictures, they were all out of focus and dark, I loved them, I was hooked. Many cameras later I found myself in a studio in London, making tea and helping out. Here I met many wonderful photographers including Mert and Marcus who I went on to assist for a few years. After then assisting Vanina Sorrenti in London I moved to New York to work full time for Tom Munro for 2 years. It was here that I began shooting for myself and for 'D la Republicca' magazine, my first ever client! I'm now happy to say that I'm still shooting for many wonderful magazines and commercial clients and loving every minute! I love my work, my passion is creating graphic vibrant imagery that has a sense of life and energy to it. Capturing that moment! (and sharing it) That is what its all about for me.



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